Can't Get Rid of Neck Pain? Try This Breakthrough Massage That Thousands Swear By

The Reality of Neck Pain:

➜ What's the #1 cause of neck pain and stiffness?

➜ The massage secret experts say could 'end' neck pain

➜ How to restore a strong, healthy neck at home

Your neck is like a spinning chair - it lets you look all around, but when overused, it can start to creak and ache.


This causes problems. In fact, 1 in 3 people will experience chronic neck pain, which may eventually rob them of their mobility and freedom.

Which means one thing is clear - it's time to get serious about neck pain.

A healthy neck has small cushions, known as discs, between each bone. This lets the bones in your neck turn smoothly so you can look around.


However, after years of leaning forward for long periods of time, these discs bulge out of place and put pressure on your nerves.


Perhaps you're already struggling with this agonising pain, but if not, here are the early warning signs:


➝ Your neck feels stiff and sore (especially in the morning.)
➝ Your neck leans forward very often.

➝ It's difficult to turn your head from side to side.

➝ You often get headaches.

➝ Tingling or numbness in your arms, hands, or fingers.

But what can you do?

There are chiropractors, and while they're great at helping pain in the short term, you're forced to go 2-3 times a week. Then once you stop going, the pain comes back.

There are painkillers, but they only mask the pain. They don't fix the root cause. And the problem could silently be growing worse.


Luckily, a top chiropractor has spent the past two years searching for an affordable at-home solution to neck pain.


And what he found will shock you.

As we sit at our desk or look down at our phones, our head sticks forward. His research has shown that for every inch the neck leans forward, an additional 5 kilograms of force is added to the neck.


That's the equivalent of a bowling ball.


His research showed we need a natural way to decompress the spine and realign the vertebrae.


That way, those bulging discs can slide back into place and stop exerting painful pressure on our nerves without any harmful side-effects.


So, he partnered with Evorola®, a company that specialises in affordable pain management solutions, in the hopes of developing a solution to neck pain that you can try in the comfort of your own home.

Then, the CerviTract™ was born.

CerviTract uses breakthrough cervical traction technology to gently decompress the neck, realign the discs, and release the damaging pressure that causes those sharp pains.


After it was tried and tested by over a thousand users, they reported feeling a significant reduction in their level of neck pain after using the device regularly for 10 minutes a day.

What makes this device so special?

The CerviTract uses patented decompression technology. The angle of the device is adjustable with an air pump, allowing you to safely and effectively stretch your neck.


You may have noticed similar devices on the market before, but oftentimes, they are manufactured cheaply in China, and users often report them as being unsafe and dangerous.

The CerviTract™ is designed to relieve and prevent neck pain.

  • Traction Angle Adjuster

    Adjust the angle of the stretch to decompress the neck and fit your comfort level.

  • Cervical Contour

    Rest your neck on the comfortable V-shaped curvature to realign your spine.

  • Acupressure Nodes

    Release damaging tension from within the neck muscles.

  • Soft Memory Foam

    Very comfortable to lie on without any pain or discomfort.

The CerviTract was specifically designed to relieve neck pain within 30 days or less. For a limited time, Evorola is offering a 60 day free trial on all CerviTract orders. The only thing left to do is try it for yourself!

  • Evorola will deliver your CerviTract to your door within 5-10 days.

  • As you lie down on it, you'll feel a gentle, pleasant stretch along your neck and you'll feel the pain seeping away.

  • You'll enjoy use the device for 10 minutes a day, and very soon, your neck pain will be completely gone.

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Step 3: Adjust the device to align with your neck and use it to gently stretch your neck for 10 minutes a day.


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